Using Convertly as a subdomain of your existing website

Before you get started

Before you get started, make sure you’ve gotten confirmation from our Managed Services team that your new Convertly project is ready to be connected to your domain. Making changes to your DNS settings prior to this confirmation could take your existing site offline.

If you aren’t sure that you have gotten that confirmation, email us at for quick help.


Convertly's Managed Services team can design a beautiful single landing page for an upcoming campaign or promotion. You can host as a separate page from your regular site, so your homepage and entire site stays the same, but we can now track your customer's behavior throughout your campaign.

Your landing page could look like, for example.


Every domain registrar has their own way of doing things, we highly recommend you read the support documentation for your provider. Here’s a helpful list of common domain registrars and quick links to their DNS settings areas.

Step 1 - Add a CNAME record

  • Add a CNAME record
  • Set the host to www
  • Set the value to

If you already have an existing value for your CNAME, simply replace it with the one above.


Some DNS hosting services prefer that you set the full domain ( as the host instead of www.

That's it! The Convertly's Managed Services will take over from our side.

GoDaddy Example

For more information, visit the GoDaddy support page.

Step 1 - Find the domain you'd like to modify, and click on the DNS link listed next to it.

Step 2 - Find the CNAME record in the table, and click on the pencil to edit it.

Step 3 - Add the value listed below, and click on the blue save button when done.

Step 4 - You're done. Go take a nap.


We can help you get started.

Building and managing a website can be hard. Our pro design team can take that off your hands, and our expert marketers can get it out to the world.